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Nov 2, 2012 9:00am PDT
bed if obama is elected, but if romney is elected, they will be reinforced that they pursued the right strategy of absolute opposition of no new taxes and further tax cuts and romney will have little influence over his own party. >> that's a pretty strong statement from thomas man. the grover nors quist pledge is on its death bed if obama gets re-elected i think liberals all over the world just at least a collective -- released a flock of doves into the air. karen, what do you make of that? in terms of how president obama negotiates a senate where he has a slim majority but a house that is still dominated by republicans? >> i think he's right. here's the dirty secret in washington. most of the moderate not crazy republicans, really are sick of the tea party. they get the fact that they have been dragged down, their numbers in terms of a party, has been dragged down by the tea party. that the obstruction is not working. they were close to getting a deal and who was it, eric cantor and the tea partiers that made it not happen. looks like michelle bachmann and a couple other key tea parti
Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in the right direction. in terms of the confidence argument president obama has had a stellar week so he can't lead, he's in over his head, be you can't make that argument. so increasingly romney looks small and petty and again, these headlines coming out of ohio, he's lying, looks like desperation and trying to run down the clock to get to election day in the same way he was in the republican primary. he's not taking questions. won't be doing more interviews. i thought it was -- it's an odd strategy to go back to the attack message at a time when the numbers that people are seeing and i think the overall mood, that's not consistent with what people are feeling. >> can you imagine, if romney actually got on the stump and today and said, not so bad numbers. >> right. >> not so bad. kind of channeling his inner christy. that is never going to happen as he's trying to win the presidency, but he's -- for a minute, ari, the middle of the road guy thing seemed to be working for him, although the longer it goes on the more shamelessly transparent that it seems especially when barbs are thrown with
Nov 3, 2012 2:00pm PDT
be the floor from now on. >> right. >> and those poor people in ohio. you know, i was down in florida, and just commercial after commercial after commercial, you know, romney, then obama, then obama, then romney, nonstop hitting people in the face. i begin to wonder whether -- you know, it's great you can raise all this money and spend all this money. but at some point, the people will rebel against the person who is spending all this money. putting their candidates in their faces and say you know what? enough is enough. i can't go this -- i can't go there with you. >> there is also the question of how effective it is too. if you've seen an ad 25 times in a week, how much -- you sort of get numb to it at a earn is point. i think that might be true for the presidential races, at least. >> i think actually where the rubber hits the road is actually not in the spending, but it's in the giving. because what has happened is okay, this is all going to be sort of a wash in all of these negative ads, people turn off their tvs. and after november 6th, when the new congress is elected, when the president
Oct 31, 2012 9:00am PDT
, romney could have done this earlier. he could have maybe forced obama and the campaign to redirect its funds to states where they didn't want to have to play. just on the -- just to sort of deplete resources, if not to actually win votes. >> that's right. the 50 state strategy. you could have rolled that out. you could have tried to get him to play everywhere, spread him thinner and they didn't do it. it's too late to be doing that in any significant way. they might hit a few key markets with ads like in toledo to try to swing a little chunk of the state that they actually think they have a shot in but beyond that the real question now, it's going to come down to the ground game and what everyone has been saying all along is that democrats have a far better ground game in place and have had far more offices in place for longer and going to be able to turn out their votes better than the republicans are and we're going to see if that's true. >> rana, how much do you think sandy and the response by the white house affects swing voters. different thing if you're in new york and the trista
Oct 29, 2012 9:00am PDT
but that's my hope. the idea that we will construct some sort of media notion of what is right, that says, no, you must not remind people of that, you the obama team must not do a commercial that goes into virginia and reminds people of that. >> or florida. and the fact he's catching in a moral argument the most distasteful aspect to it. not just about trimming the budget and getting your arms around the deficit, it's about the world -- >> that's exactly the kind of things voters should know. the real way to get them to know it is through these ads. that's what reaches them. that's why they raise that money. >> while lawrence is had hitting on something important because this happens with other -- >> that's what i do. no. >> it's barometric -- >> i'm here to bring the importance. >> the gold nugget of the news cycle. >> but it is so true, that we get this lecture every time something terrible happens. we got it in on gun control when we looked at gun tragedies which is an issue, by the way, where both nominees i think are fairly poor on the policy. but even still, even though it was a bip
Nov 1, 2012 9:00am PDT
the hurricane. he did not cancel his trips over benghazi. >> what? >> even brownie, right? default to benghazi. >> that's desperate. when we're in the middle of a crisis, you know you're losing. the other thing for president obama, what i would love to see coming out of this for democrats, let's reframe the conversation and instead of big government versus small government, what is efficient versus inefficient? this is efficient government ready to go when you need it. not the size -- the size isn't the issue. is it ready to go? that's what he's talked about when he talks about cutting inefficiencies, talked about that in a number of state of the union addresses, cutting through the red tape. that's a good mantra going into a second term. >> on benghazi, it amazes me the rest of the republican party didn't take a leap from romney who gave it up in the third debate. it's clear that benghazi is not a fireable offense for president obama. there was a lot of bureaucratic confusion, the cia has said their initial reports were contradictory, mixed messages. nobody did anything that was wrong that we
Oct 30, 2012 9:00am PDT
, then maybe he's not quite as extreme as some people on the right including mitt romney have said. >> you heard him say, chris fugate, not to bring him. chris fugate was jeb bush's hurricane guy. so, you know, for all this talk of obama being so polarizing he hired jeb bush's hurricane expert as his fema executive. >> i think to richard's point, this bipartisan bologna that mitt romney has been proposing over the last few days, is absolutely nonsensical when you look at his record in massachusetts, but also bear in mind mitt romney called republican governors yesterday. the president didn't. he called governors who are in states that are affected. and that's the big difference between these two men. and i think that that's what the audience, the public, sorry, and your audience, alex, are beginning to get hold of. this man is for the whole of america, the whole. >> that's the benefit presidents have. you can take the national perspective, you look like you're an executive at a time of crisis. you can do things. candidates are less on a stage with a microphone talking about doing things. t
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)